"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard

Monday, November 29, 2010


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Kent and I went to my aunt's house in west Alabama for a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving lunch!  Then we spent the rest of the weekend in Montgomery watching the Iron Bowl and eating more food with friends and family.  I've also done quite a bit of Christmas shopping!  Jack spent the holiday playing with his cousin, Ace, and jumping in my parents' pool.  He got an early Christmas present (a Barbour coat) so I thought I would post a picture of him showing it off! 
I know I've been taking a break from posting recipes over the last couple weeks, but I'm about it jump back into it with some great holiday recipes before Christmas.  Last year, I only posted holiday recipes during the month of December, so I've used up many of my holiday favorites (see those recipes here).  My friend, Dory, agreed to let me post a few of her recipes that we used for our women's church Christmas dinner, Christmas Countdown, last year.  If you have any special holiday recipes that you would like to share, please e-mail them to me at recipesfromnewlyweds@gmail.com

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