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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Review - Julia Child's My Life in France

Last summer I bought Julia Child's My Life in France when Kent and I were visiting Oxford.  I've finally had the chance to read it in the last few weeks.  The book, obviously, details her years spent in France.  It was really interesting to learn about how she first became interested in cooking - she hadn't always been an expert!   Most of the book is spent focusing on how she came to write her first cookbook.  Honestly, I found some of these sections a little too detailed.  She talked about specific ingredients for pages, and I sometime got bored.  I also found her to be a little self-centered and sometimes egotistical.  But, I did enjoy reading about her family life, the house she built in Provence, and her travels with her husband around Europe.  Because her husband was a diplomat and she became a celebrity, they met tons of interesting people, like James Beard!  Reading the book definitely made me miss France - and it made me hungry! 

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  1. Anna - I read this book a few months ago and LOVED it!


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