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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shrimp Diablo

My friend, Sydney, and I are always exchanging recipes over lunch.  She sent me this one recently after trying herself, and I'm dying to get the chance to make it!  I love spicy seafood, so I know this dish is going to be great!
Shrimp Diablo
1 lb. med. lg. shrimp. Frozen but uncooked. Peeled & deveined.
1 t crushed red pepper flakes
6 T good olive oil
1 1/2 T salt
1/4 C cognac or brandy
4 T minced garlic
1/2 t sugar
28 oz can diced, unflavored tomatoes, drained
1 C dry white wine
1/4 C chopped parsley
1 lb. linguini
1/3 C heavy cream
2 oz. capers, drained & rinsed.

1. Get a big pot of salted water on stove to boil. Heat a heavy 12 inch skillet on high for about 4 minutes. This is very important - don't go too fast. The pan needs to be really, really hot. While the pan heats, toss the shrimp with half the red pepper flakes, 2 T of the olive oil and 3/4 t salt. Stir to coat shrimp and let them sit.

2. When pan is ready dump in the shrimp and use a wooden spoon to spread them around in a single layer. Let them sit there for 30 seconds - the bottoms will turn a mottled brown. Remove from the heat and stir the shrimp so the other side is down. Add the brandy and wait a second or two. Put the pan back on the heat and wave a match over the pan until the brandy lights. Watch your eyebrows! Shake the skillet until the flames die down. Pour the whole mess into a holding bowl.

3. Let the skillet cool a bit. Return to a low heat. Add 3 T of the garlic and 3 T of olive oil. Cook the garlic, stirring all the time until it is well cooked - about 6 minutes or until straw colored, not brown.

4. Add the rest of the pepper flakes, 3/4 t salt, sugar, tomatoes and wine. Make sure the tomatoes are drained or you'll have a good tasting but watery sauce. Simmer on medium heat for 8 minutes.

5. While the sauce simmers, add the pasta to the boiling water.

6. Add the shrimp and all their juices, the rest of the garlic and the parsley, Simmer until the shrimp are hot again. Add cream and capers.

7. When the pasta is done, drain - saving 1/3 C of pasta water. Put pasta in a big bowl - add the reserved water back and about 1/2 C of the sauce. Toss well.

8. You can now either add the sauce and serve family style or put the pasta in bowls and top with the sauce.

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